The security of our products is confirmed by the tests, certificates, authorizations of the French and international official organizations.

Fire test standard

XxtraCeil meets the criteria of international standards :

M1 in France
M1 in Belgium
B1 in Germany
Class 1 in Canada, USA, Italy
Class 0 in United Kingdom
Classe B-s2, d0 in Europe
Tracks, peripheral profiles angles : PVC M1 - Aluminum M0
XxtraCeil materials : classification M0 et M1

XxtraCeil can be used in complex flame arrester with adequate materials.


United States Testing Company Inc Biological Services Division
International Maritime Organization (IMO)


XxtraCeil is impermeable and avoids or minimizes the water damages.

Public space

The Ministry of the French Interior authorized XxtraCeil in the public spaces according to the tests made by the competent authorities.
XxtraCeil meets the standards of the different countries


The sprinklers are incorporated in the XxtraCeil ceilings in respect with appropriated techniques and with the standards
The XxtraCeil Modular ceiling allows the sprinklers regulation openings in large surface such as supermarket.


The XxtraCeil sheet for smoke clearing exists in perforation of Ø 10 mm and in 36 colors.

Security equipments

Video cameras recording, safety blocks, emergency exit signs and any technical equipment can be incorporated in the XxtraCeil ceilings and walls.


XxtraCeil is approved by Lloyd's International.

Food Hygiene

The National Center of Veterinary surgeons and Food Studies of the Ministry for Agriculture attests the conformity of XxtraCeil to the requirements of the food hygiene.

General Food, consultant in microbiology, noted after sterilization that XxtraCeil does not show a development of bacteria.

Phonic absorption

Standard of acoustic absorption NF S31-003.
Qualification Qualibat N'7152.

XxtraCeil Acoustic is in conformity with the technical recommendations of the Ministry for National Education for the classrooms (APAVE Alsatian).
Absorption factor determined by the CSTB.