XxtraCeil Mat & Saturn

Xxtraceil LIGHT stretch ceiling allows you the have fun with lighting. The Xxtraceil LIGHT stretch ceiling in Mat & Saturn achievement permits you to participate in lights joining it with a NEWLINE or other finishing point. The ceiling makes your room or offices fresh and shimmering, permitting outlines forced just by your imaginative capability.

Xxtraceil LIGHT stretch ceiling functions commendably with either feature or manufactured lights and can be introduced as a single layer or two-fold layer for superior light distribution. Moreover, a second layer will serve as a border for dust or garbage. Along these lines, the bottom film consistently searches crisp for some long years.


MembraneThicknessTransmissionAbsorptionFire Rating
120/10072.50%27.50%B, s2, d0
217/10070.98%29.02%B, s2, d0
317/10076.60%23.40%B, s2, d0
417/10071.38%28.62%B, s2, d0
517/10091.80%8.20%CLASSE F
617/10061.22%38.78%CLASSE F
717/10073.46%26.54%CLASSE F
830/10098.10%1.90%CLASSE F